ext_25886 ([identity profile] lessofmyhead.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] darnedsocks 2008-07-23 04:21 pm (UTC)

CLASSICAL THOUGHTS!! Oh bless Bertie's heart. He really does come up with the best euphemisms! Aww this fic was great! It was really cute and made me laugh a lot. This is my favourite bit:

I stood, and as Jeeves started in on my trousers, something occurred to me. "You know, it occurs to me, Jeeves, that you could have simply fetched me my bathing costume."

Jeeves' nostrils flared. "I'm afraid not, sir. The item in question had obviously suffered some unfortunate accident at the hands of the Royal Mail, and I had to send it back."

"An accident?" I hated to press the man for details when this incident had traumatised him so severely that he was flaring both nostrils,

Traumatized him so severely he was flaring both nostrils!!?? HEHEHE!! I just found that to be the sweetest thing. Thanks for writing. :D

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